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Laleh Pourkarim is a Swedish producer. http://www.laleh.se/

Hon blev i 2005 en av tre kvinnor i sverige att erhålla titeln, årets producent.

Musikproducenter! ”Vi producerar, alltså finns vi”

She is also a singer-songwriter and former actress. Following a short acting career, she entered the music industry in 2005 with her self-titled debut album which peaked at number one in Sweden and went on to become the highest selling album of the year.

She has since released five further albums, all of which have been produced, written, recorded, engineered and performed by herself. She has sung in both English and Swedish, in addition to her parents’ native tongue, Persian.

Her 2012 album, Sjung, was released across Scandinavia on 25 January 2012 to generally positive reviews. The lead single from Sjung, ”Some Die Young” was a commercial hit across Scandinavia, peaking at number one in Norway for eight weeks and becoming the twentieth biggest selling single of all time in the country. It also went double platinum in Sweden and gave Laleh her second chart-hit in Denmark and first in Finland. Her latest album, Colors, was released across Scandinavia in October 2013. She signed to Island Records in January 2014, and followed with the September 2014 release of the ”Boom” EP. She uses her given name Laleh as her stage name.


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